AUTHOR: Njabulo S Ndebele
PUBLISHER: Raven Press. Reissued by Picador Africa
ISBN: 9781770100305
DATE: 1983. Reissued in September 2006

DESCRIPTION: Lionel Abrahams: “His storytelling is full-fleshed and energetic: there are beautifully paced passages of dramatic confrontation where the tension and the complexity and depth of the exploration bring Dostoevsky or Knut Hamsun to mind. His great distinction is that he brings a vivacious, informed and original intellect to his tales….Part of his task is to endow black life in our literature with a new reality, a new density and delicacy for the literate imagination – like wax instead of water – capable of carrying the impresses of meaning and intimate experience.” J.M. Coetzee: “Ndebele’s greatest strength here is his sense of the mysterious depths of the self…” Voice Literary Supplement: “… for formal elegance and originality Fools and Other Stories surpass anything else I’ve encountered in South African fiction, such excellent works as Burger’s Daughterand Life and Times of Michael K included.”

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